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Real-Time PCR für Covid-19 und Influenza A/B

Many examinations and tests have to be carried out in a hospital or by your family doctor. This is not always practical and usually involves a lot of time. 

Veritasmed is a private medical emergency and home visit service that offers outpatient diagnostic tests. We bring the necessary equipment and expertise directly to your home or to a  location of your choice.

We offer  Ultrasound , lung function test , EKG , allergy test and other mobile laboratory tests and therapies.

Ultrasound is a medical diagnosis that is used without replacement for diseases of the abdominal organs, the pelvic organs or the thyroid gland. Ultrasound has many advantages over other imaging methods. In this way, ultrasound can secure diagnoses at a very early stage that would only be possible later with other methods. Ultrasound is a very safe procedure because there is  there is no radiation exposure for the patient.

A lot of people don't know them  have poor lung function . This can lead to serious health problems. A pulmonary function test is an easy and quick way to check breathing function and see if there are any signs of problems. The test is straightforward and only lasts  few minutes.  

An EKG is a valuable tool for monitoring heart health. It can detect signs of cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, or even a heart attack. ECG monitoring is simple and effective, allowing you to respond to signs of heart problems in a timely manner.


Many patients have to wait a long time for the results of their laboratory tests . With our mobile laboratory , we can provide you with the results much faster and start the treatment accordingly. This time saving has a positive effect on the patient.

An allergy test shows you what you are allergic to. With the test result, you can avoid or effectively prevent allergies .

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