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VeritasMed - Privatärztlicher Notdienst



How did our private medical emergency service VeritasMed come about?

VeritasMed is currently still a relatively small team, but it is gradually being built up in order to be even easier to reach for our patients.


We all come from different medical fields and therefore have a wide range of knowledge.  We also work closely with established colleagues who have proven to be very reliable and competent partners.


Through our many years of experience, we have found that the high administrative effort involved in  Clinics, as well as family doctors, no longer focus on the patient. Many patients are underserved. This is an enormous burden for a patient as well as for the whole family. Many diseases or complications can be avoided; but for this you need competent treatment, as well as consistent monitoring by a specialist.

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is very simple: we offer outpatient and comprehensive care at hospital level!  How is that possible?  Medicine has made tremendous advances in the past decade. Many manufacturers of medical products have developed mobile devices that make it possible to provide patients with optimal care outside of the hospital.  We use exactly such devices: from the mobile ECG and laboratory to the mobile lung function test, our equipment consists of high-quality mobile medical technology.


We would like to offer our patients an option for hospital care: individual, flexible and personal and yet at a high level.


Thanks to innovative devices, many diagnoses can be verified and corrected on an outpatient basis. There is talk of so-called point-of-care diagnostics. This enables a wide range of patient-related differential laboratory tests and diagnostics at one location or patient-related. For us, this is a classic win-win situation for everyone involved. Patients avoid long waiting times and sometimes unnecessary stays in the hospital. Hospitals are relieved and given the opportunity to concentrate on more complex cases. Doctors gain more flexibility and get an exciting working environment with personal responsibility.

What do we offer?

The quality of the treatment is our priority. Our doctors take the time for our patients and carry out all necessary examinations. The questions will then be answered. A visit usually lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.

Why are we doing this?

We work with passion. We enjoy meeting new people and helping patients. The healthy patients are our success! We do not agree with the lack of flexibility and the outdated clinic structures and therefore rely on flexible solutions for the patient.





Your VeritasMed team

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