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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to our services?

Private medical emergency and home visit service VeritasMed treats privately insured patients and self-payers. The bills of privately insured patients are covered by health insurance companies. Self-payers have the option of paying for our services with a credit card or in cash. Billing is based on the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) .

How soon will the doctor come?

We usually come to your home within 2 hours. After your call, the doctor will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the issue in detail. Alternatively, you can arrange a suitable time slot with the doctor.

How long does an examination / treatment take?

The quality of the treatment is our priority. Our doctors take the time for our patients and carry out all necessary examinations. The questions will then be answered. A visit usually lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.

What investigations do we carry out?

The following examinations can be carried out as part of the home visit:

  • Holistic examination of the whole body status

  • ultrasound diagnostics

  • lung function diagnostics

  • cardiological clarification: ECG // echo

  • immunology

  • Extended blood count

  • Laboratory chemical hormone diagnostics

  • Clinical Chemistry


We have a mobile laboratory device. However, if the question is to be more complex, we cooperate with the clinical laboratory - the results are usually available within 2 hours.

Our locations

Private medical emergency and home visit service enables medical care in the following cities:

  • Frankfurt am Main

  • Offenbach

  • Mainz

  • Wiesbaden

  • Darmstadt

  • Bad Homburg

  • bad Soden

  • Heusenstamm

  • Long

  • Ludwigshafen

  • and in many others...


Do you have any questions - use our form or write to us at:
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