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Covid 19 infection: PCR/
antibody detection

  • Systematic therapy

  • prevention of complications

  • chest ultrasound

  • lung function analysis

  • follow-up inspection

All common 
infectious diseases

  • Influenza infections

  • lung infection

  • bronchitis

  • urinary tract infections

  • gastrointestinal infections

  • abdominal infections

  • musculoskeletal infections

Comprehensive outpatient diagnostics

Treatment of complex diseases

  • ultrasound diagnostics

  • lung function diagnostics

  • cardiological investigation

  • immunology

  • Extended blood count

  • hormone diagnostics

  • clinical Chemistry

  • autoimmune diseases

  • tumor diseases

  • cardiovascular diseases

  • rheumatological diseases

  • gastroenterological diseases

Acute pediatric care

ack and joint pain

  • measles

  • chickenpox

  • earache

  • stomach pain

  • bronchitis

  • injuries

  • (activated) arthrosis

  • arthritis

  • sports injuries

  • tendinosis / tendinitis

  • joint infections

Legally compliant

Our special services

Complex treatment cases

Complex treatment cases: "Difficult" cases in particular are interesting and important to us, because as an interdisciplinary team with excellent professional qualifications, we love a challenge.

Fast lab results

We work together with a renowned laboratory in Frankfurt so that you receive your laboratory results as quickly as possible and that we can initiate the appropriate therapy immediately.

Control of the course of therapy

We are always interested in your health and well-being. That is why we are always there for you to provide qualified support during the course of therapy and to give you further recommendations adapted to the course.

Cardiology consultations / ECG

Thanks to modern medicine, we are able to offer ECGs and specialist advice without our patients having to leave home.

Long term supply

We value long-term cooperation with our patients and their satisfaction with medical services and services.

Lung function test

Regardless of location, our specialists can use a series of tests to measure lung volume and gas exchange and use this to create a functional picture of the lungs.

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