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You want to travel and are unsure whether you actually want tohealthyare? Visiting relatives makes youTo care? Working with your colleagues in cramped and poorly ventilated spacesunsettledShe ? Thisuncertaintieswe can understand well.

Covid-19is an infectious disease like many other infectious diseases, but certain groups are particularly badly affected. To therisk groupsinclude overweight men over 60 years of age. If this group has certain symptoms, such asFever,bronchitisWithCough, shortness of breath, loss of taste, occur, it makes sense to   get tested.

Apart fromCovid-19, are still such diseases asInfluenza (flu)and viralrespiratory infection, but also bacterial pneumonia on the agenda. Basically, you shouldn't panic, despite the current situation, when it's being exaggeratedly pointed out that you have to be extremely careful.

Our medical opinion regarding the current situation is absolutely clear. Don't overdo it on the one hand, but don't neglect it on the other hand either.

During the pandemic times, all the attention has been onCovid-19concentrated and it was forgotten that other no less dangerous diseases are still relevant. An example of this is influenza.influenzaIt is a common disease that can be fatal in particularly severe cases. The disease is widespread worldwide and usually occurs and affects in the winter months20%(for children up to35%) the population.

Thanks to our mobile devices, we offer you the following tests:

  • Real-time PCR for Covid-19   within just 40 minutes.

  • Real-time PCR for influenza A/B also within 40 min.

  • Influenza/COVID-19 AG Microfluidics 12 min.

  • COVID-19 AK Microfluidic 12 min.

Do you have any questions - use our form or write to us at: or call us:
069 8700 6 4444.
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