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Fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ)

Private medical emergency service VeritasMed bills services according to the current version of the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). The GOÄ sets standard rates for medical services. All doctors who cooperate with us are legally obliged to comply with this private medical fee schedule.


Our invoices list in detail the medical services rendered, the travel costs as well as the medicines and materials used. There may be surcharges for night, weekend or holiday work.


The invoices are checked and sent by independent medical clearing houses. They ensure compliance with the GOÄ standard rates, check the justification for medical services and the plausibility of billed items.


In Germany, the costs of medical home visits are generally covered in full by private health insurance companies. Travel health insurance for Germany also covers travel expenses. For reimbursement, simply submit our medical bill to your insurance company.


Exceptions apply to privately insured persons with a standard or basic tariff, for students with a corresponding student tariff, for members of the post office officials' health insurance fund (PBeaKK) and for those insured in the health care system of the federal railway officials (KVB). These patients can use our service as self-payers.


Of course, we also offer our services to patients with statutory health insurance and to people who are insured abroad. In these cases, we bill on a self-payer basis, also according to the GOÄ.


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