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Our competencies

Who are we?

VeritasMed is a private medical emergency and home visit service. Together with cooperating doctors, we organize home visits for privately insured patients and self-payers. Patients can turn to us not only in emergency situations, but also when there is a need to see a doctor.


Do you work a lot and don't have time to make an appointment with your family doctor? Are you traveling on business and need medical advice? Are you traveling with your family and have you fallen ill? Not sure if you have been treated properly and need a second opinion?  Then VeritasMed is the place for you! Quality is the be-all and end-all for us.


We offer a mobile with our cooperating doctors  treatment at home  at hospital level. Our doctors treat  complex treatment cases and also take care of one  long-term care. This is also interesting for patients with previous illnesses and patients in the 70+ age group.


Thanks to our qualified doctors, we are extremely flexible. We are at your disposal around the clock 7/24/365 in Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine-Main area.


We value our patients' time very much. With our service we would like to make a contribution to avoiding waiting times and thereby also minimizing the risk of infection.


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When can I contact Veritasmed?

We advise you  with all medical concerns. Our doctors have all the necessary qualifications that allow us to do so  To treat patients between the ages of 3 and 103 years. A specialist title in clinical medicine and many years of clinical experience is a must for us at VeritasMed. We are available around the clock, whether it is an acute case or a regular examination. We are also happy to treat patients with chronic diseases. If you want long-term therapy, talk to your doctor about it. We are also there for you in complex treatment cases.


you need  a prescription or a certificate of incapacity for work for the employer – no problem! After the careful examination, the doctor will advise you in detail and, if necessary, prescribe medication and issue an AU.

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How do I make an appointment through VeritasMed?

When people are sick they want a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. We know that and are prepared for it. Our work is unbureaucratic and we try to help patients as quickly as possible. You can reach us 24/7/365 on: 069 8700 6 4444 .

Share so that we can find a suitable doctor for you  us - in a confidential conversation - please  your symptoms with.  After our conversation, we will inform your doctor. They will get in touch with you within 15 minutes.  Make an appointment directly with the doctor.  If it is an acute case, the doctor will come to you within 2 hours.


The treatment takes place  at the location of your choice - be it at home, in the office, in a hotel or in a nursing home.

our locations

Private medical emergency and home visit service enables medical care in the following cities:

  • Frankfurt am Main

  • Offenbach

  • Mainz

  • Wiesbaden

  • Darmstadt

  • Bad Homburg

  • bad Soden

  • Heusenstamm

  • Langen

  • Ludwigshafen

  • and in many others...


about us

Do you have any questions - use our form or write to us at:
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