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Our investigations

Dr. medical Brosi

The neurological-psychiatric component is often not given the necessary attention when treating patients. When treating complex cases and multimorbid patients, we have often found that the neurological-psychiatric component is neglected.  With the technical and advisory support of Dr. Brosi we manage to find a highly individual approach to such phenomena as panic disorders, sleep disorders, depression (with somatization), dementia. In this way we reduce their influence on what is happening overall and can give the situation, the patient and their family a different perspective.  We are very grateful that we have Have Klaus Brosi as a partner. He is a proven expert in the field of outpatient (branch office since 1987) and inpatient (psychiatric consultant >25 years in the St. Josef Hospital in Heidelberg) psychiatry. dr Brosi is an active member of psychiatric care in the Heidelberg University Hospital Care Group.

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